A domain name for most businesses is the last on the list. However, it should be a top priority.

It is the key to the visibility of your website. Important is to use a combination of strategies, imagination, and good linguistic design. Ideally, your domain name should be as short as possible, but still have the meaning related to what your business sells or offers.

* Do not use a difficult name people could easily misspell, and end up on another website.

* Find a word people will search for to find your products, called a “discoverable” domain name.

* Avoid similarities to domain names already in use.

We can help you to find the most suitable domain name for your business. We don’t normally recommend buying premium domains at $500 and up. We usually can find you the domain suitable for your business for a yearly registration fee of around $20   

It does not matter what domain name you like, you can rest assured that our services are professional and creative and that your website will be seen.

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