We are what the name already tells you. We belief in a honest approach. We belief that charging anywhere from $120. To $200. Per hour is way too much and makes it difficult for the small businesses to maintain a website. We strive to provide the most cost-effective and dynamic web solutions to small and medium size businesses while maintaining high standards of quality.

Once we have agreed, Low Cost Web Design will get started with your web design usually within a month. The first step at this point is to show you a number of drafts for you to choose from. LowCost Web Design will always stand behind their work and craftsmanship no matter what, we make sure you are fully satisfied with our work on an ongoing basis. We follow transparency in work and believe in maintaining integrity.

We guarantee total customer satisfaction. We care about our customers's businesses and are committed to helping them succeed. We make sure to address issues quickly and effectively — We are there for you to avoid misunderstanding and difficult situations. Our clients not only get a great-looking website at an a (fordable price but also get a strategy for making the most of Internet advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and so much more.

Remember, search engine optimization is not an automatic component of web-sites. An ongoing effort is required to register with Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo. Bing. etc. Page linking is one of those things. Most of our professional competitors can also do this. but usually charge a substantial monthly fee to do so. plus a fairly substantial one-time cost if they are building a web design.

Because of our superb success rate with the vast majority of our clients, we are often asked if we could optimize an existing site created by someone else because the client can't be found... unfortunately this often involves an almost complete remake of an existing site but yes it can be done. Contact us for an evaluation of your existing website.

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